59 Minute Fundraiser


The 59 Minute Fundraiser will begin promptly at 5:00 pm on Thursday, September 27th. The students were given information about an app for their phone that will be used during the fundraiser to solicit donations from family members and family friends (adults). They have the option to either call or text to ask for the donations. They are selling magazine subscriptions that will be donated to local schools.

Our music department, through CFOM, will receive 40% of the profits. We will be providing dinner (pizza) so the students can stay after the fundraiser and be ready for rehearsal.

The company that is helping us coordinate this fundraiser is called Great American Fundraising. Information about them can be found here:


Their privacy policy regarding information used in their app:


This is an opportunity for the students to be active participants in a fundraiser that will directly benefit them. In addition to raising money for the music department, they will also be giving back to the community. They will learn important life skills such as goal setting, team building, decision making, people skills and problem solving.

We sincerely hope that all GRMB students will be able to participate. Every single donation counts. Everyone who participates will feel good knowing that they were part of a team that worked together to achieve an important goal! Please remind your student about this fundraiser and help them fill in their contact list.

This is the first time we’re trying this fundraiser and are doing it on a trial basis with just the marching band. If it is successful, we will do it again in the spring for the rest of the music department.